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 +====== qualifications yacht charter croatia ======
 + This cavern is illuminated by the Sun through the underwater gate, so the best time to see with the cavern is about 10 to 11 o'lock in the morning. During this part of the day many charter yachts are waiting before the entrance of the cave - the sea is too deep here to drop anchor. 
 +After this admire yachts spread the four quarters of the earth. You sail along the shores and drop anchor in the small bays or between the isolated islands for a brief swimming and snorkeling.[[|blog]]
 +Sailing northeast two -three hours (depending the wind) you will reach the Klement Islands. This region offers many lonely and crowded bays . Pass through the Marinkovac station you will find the picturesque view of Komiza city. You can determine to enter the next Marina Palmizana or drop anchor in the bay of the Komiza city. Palmizana is situated in a quiet bay of Klement Island where from it is possible to leap by water taxi to Komiza city. Komiza city bay is always crowded by anchoring yachts at the entire night and summer boisterous. Space from Ugljan is abt. 23 miles. 
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