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 +====== rent yacht in Croatia ======
 +This morning your crew and you have a last opportunity and breakfast to see eateries, of course, and its famous museums and the city. I'm a seashore, ocean, and islands girl. I like doing these things on a rugged coastline, on a balcony. 
 + I'm not a boat girl. But when I was invited join one of the first They cruises along the Dalmatian coast from Sibenik to Sukosan to Komiza, with a day or two to attend the inauguration into a dining and nightclub from a decommissioned military base that was British, I accepted. [[|]]
 +Should youn't understand them, it's because you'ren't 25, single, and looking for a reasonably priced floating party around Greece, Croatia, Italy, and the British Virgin Islands.
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