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 +====== Sailing trip through Croatia - The next day ======
 +Which will be memorable and the most wonderful? It truly is to be under sail, listening to the sounds of the sea and seagulls' cries instead of the roar of the diesel engine. From time to time your yacht will go at a 45-degree angle and the waves will assault the illuminators-this is awful! Your sailing trip might be a genuine torture, if you are prone to seasickness. Here is Komiza. This city, on an island of the exact same name, has Croatia's biggest medieval square, a mix of Renaissance and Baroque. 
 +These tiny streets seem to lead almost to the sky. You climb higher and higher to reach a well-preserved medieval bastille, Spanjola Fortress. A short break, and return down to Daisy, the yacht we chartered.
 +Sailing on the Adriatic Sea enables you to see several historical places that are fascinating. On the island of Pula, the city is a challenger of Split. In our view it's an exaggeration. The city is incredibly beautiful from the sea but not too amazing inside. However, any foodie may be impressed by the steaks with gorgonzola: [[|I can show you great range of Balearics yacht hire. Check it.]]
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